What is eBay redemption code?

What is eBay redemption code? eBay redemption code is an alphanumeric code which if applied can give you an extra discount for your order on eBay (example: VRGP4FBJ6MNY32GJ or CLICK15). Redemption code has limited validity and a certain amount of discount (5%, 10% or 10$). Usually redemption codes linked to a country (USA, Canada, India etc.) or a group of users. eBay redemption code also called as eBay coupon code or eBay promo code.

How to find and apply an eBay Redemption code?

You can find this eBay redemption code on the Internet or on our website. It is very easy to apply redemption code. On the last step of checkout you can find field, were you can type Redemption code and click on the “Apply” button which can be found on the right side of field.

what is eBay redemption code

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